Dzinepress’ Ultimate Collection of HTML5 Tutorials and Useful Links

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The Road to MIXOne of the topics that will be covered quite heavily at the MIX Conference (it’s taking place this week) is HTML5. It’s great to see it supported in Internet Explorer, it’s great to hear that it’s coming soon to Internet Explorer on Windows Phone, and now it’s time to get any of you who’ve held off on taking it up to get started and those of you who’ve already taken it up to get even better at it.

Dzinepress have put together a collection of Ultimate HTML5 Tutorials and Useful Techniques, and whether you’re new to HTML5 or an old hand it at already, there should be something in this set that you’ll find useful.

I’ve taken the links from Dzinepress’ article and grouped them into categories below:

Introductory Stuff

Site Design


Drag and Drop





This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.