I’m in Minnesota, All Right

Best buy bans gun in these premises

Hello from Minneapolis! Minneapolis is in the great state of Minnesota, which has a “concealed carry” law with an “opt-out” statute, hence the sign in the photo above. But seriously, how can I feel comfortable shopping for electronics if I ain’t got my gat?

I’m here for the weekend to attend MinneBar — the Minnesota BarCamp — as a representative of Shopify, who are one of the sponsors of the BarCamp Tour, as a guy who just likes a good geeky gathering and as an opportunity to catch up with some friends from the Twin Cities. MinneBar is taking place at Best Buy Headquarters, which actually looks like a very decked-out Best Buy with office space instead of product shelves. The ground floor has large hallways and meeting rooms aplenty, which makes it perfect for an unconference.

I’ll post photos from this trip in a couple of days.

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.