New Business Card, New Email Address

Shopify business card back

It’s high time I got some business cards made. A good chunk of my job involves meeting new people and starting an ongoing relationship between them and Shopify. Even in the online age, business cards remain a vital part of the tech evangelist’s toolkit, along with meeting up in person (as they often say, “You had to be there”).

Shopify’s business card template features the company logo and wordmark on the back (pictured above). The front features contact info and a photo so you can very easily match the name to the face. The photos are taken by a fellow Shopifolk, Ben Courtice (he’s a great photog; every Shopifolk seems to have a special creative talent) who works in the Guru Room (the Gurus are people who help out customers get started with their Shopify stores).

We decided to go for an action shot with the accordion. I played and sang some numbers while Ben took pictures:

Ben Courtice taking photos of Joey deVilla as he plays accordion

And here’s the end result, complete with accordion, aloha shirt and smiling/singing mug:

Joey devilla business card front

I love it!

By the way, note the new, shortened-for-easy-entry email: If you want to reach me at Shopify, that’s the way to do it!

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

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