Hack Days in San Francisco and New Orleans This Weekend

San Francisco (Saturday, July 16)

San francisco

Creative Commons photo by Håkan Dahlström

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This Saturday in San Francisco, Posterous (a very nice, simple web publishing platform) are hosting a Hack Day at their headquarters. They’ve just put out a new API and they’re inviting developers to take it out for a spin and meet their development team up close and personal, and in return, those developers will get food, Red Bull and beer, they’ll get taken out for drinks afterwards, and they’ll even get prizes!

Here’s the type of person they’re hoping will attend, in their own words:

Any developer interested in using the Posterous API to build something cool.  So far, we know of mobile apps and a few web services built on top of Posterous. Whether you need ideas on what to build, are looking to team up with someone else or are already working on an app, the Posterous dev team will be here to help.

We Shopifolks believe in Hack Days, and while we can’t be there in person — we’ll explain in a moment — we will be there in spirit: we’re giving away an iPad as a prize! Write an application that makes use of the Shopify API as well as the Posterous API and you’ve got a good chance of winning it.

Here’s some quick info about Posterous’ Hack Day:

  • Where do you register? Here.
  • When: Saturday, July 16th, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Pacific
  • Where: Posterous HQ (2973 16th Street, San Francisco). They’ll also be online in the #posterous-dev channel on Freenode.
  • What’s happening: “API overview sessions, office hours for anyone with questions and end of day demos.  Plenty of food, red bull and beer.  After we’re done, we’ll take everyone out for drinks.”

New Orleans (Sunday, July 17)

New orleans 2

Creative Commons photo by Matt J. Carbone.

This Sunday in New Orleans, as part of BarCamp NOLA, there will be a Hack Day, and both Edward Ocampo-Gooding and I will be there!

New orleans barcamp 4

Saturday is the regular BarCamp with the usual unconference-y stuff. Things change gears on Sunday, when people are invited to participate in a “giving back” exercise and collaborate in an exercise where “Developers, designers, educators, content writers, and videographers collaborate to build and launch a project in a single day.”

Here’s the quick info:

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.

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