The Shopify Template Designer’s Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheet 1

Mark Dunkley is one of the designers here at Shopify, and he’s not just good, he’s fast. When we needed a theme for the Angry Birds store cranked out it short order, he did just that — and it looks great, too!

One of the secrets of his speed is having documentation for template at the ready, and now you can have it too. Take a look at his online cheat sheet, which covers the settings, keywords and variables you need to know to do Shopify shop design. Everything’s laid out in front of you and nicely organized on the page, and to get more details, you just have to click:

Cheat sheet 2

If you design Shopify templates, you’re going to want to bookmark the cheat sheet. Check it out now!

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.