Looking for Shopify API Wrapper Libraries

Api wrapper library

You’re probably aware that Shopify is written using Ruby and Rails; after all, we were co-founded by a former member of the Rails Core team. You might work using another programming language and framework, and we’re cool with that. That’s why we have a RESTful API that lets you use any programming language that has some built-in ability or library to communicate via HTTP.

Shopify programming languages

We want to make sure that developers everywhere can build Shopify apps — web applications that use the Shopify API to extend the capabilities of Shopify stores — in as many programming languages as possible. Here are the ones that we’re aware of:

  • Ruby (of course). This one’s ours.
  • PHP. Probably the most popular web app programming language out there. We maintain this one as well, and I’ll be writing a series of articles on building Shopify apps with PHP.
  • Java. This library’s called Jhopify and this particular one is a fork written by one of our developers, Chris Saunders.
  • Python. There are a couple:

We’d like to see more. Where’s the .NET one, for starters? We know that there are .NET developers building Shopify apps out there.

If you know of any other libraries out there, please let us know in the comments or send me some email. If you’ve got Shopify API wrapper code in any language and it’s not listed above, please consider releasing it to the community on Github, Codeplex or some other open source sharing site and send us the link. We’ll reward you with high fives, praise, and I’m working on getting some more tangible rewards as well.

Share the code, share what you know, and let’s help create a great developer ecosystem!

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.