How We Use Git at Shopify

Trunk and branches
Creative Commons photo by Paul Hart.

Over at the Shopify Technology Blog, John Duff explains the Git workflow we use at Shopify. Whether you’re a Git user wondering about how other people use it or looking to migrate from your oldie-von-moldie version control system that’s not expected to catch up to Git for years, you’ll find John’s writeup useful.

One reply on “How We Use Git at Shopify”

i am not sure if a software-company really should outsource the hosting of the source-code repositories. i am not talking about the chosen technology, i’m only not sure about the actual location. i never would put the heart of my company ‘in the cloud’. sourcecode has to be taped and brought to your lawyers’ safe each and every week.

if i were a shopify customer and my existence would have been based on your operation i would be shocked now.

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