Rob Conery: Setting Up Rails on Your Mac for Microsofties

Joey deVilla's MacBook Pro, with an IE9 sticker on it

Why, oh why, didn’t Rob Conery’s guide to setting up Rails on a Mac for Microsofties exist back in May? While I did fine following Cowboy Coded’s excellent guide to setting up Rails 3 on Snow Leopard useful (and hey, prior to joining Microsoft, I did Rails 1.x development), a ‘Softie-friendly guide from the other famous guy to leave Microsoft for the Rails world would’ve been nice. If you’re from the world of ASP.NET MVC development – or worse, plain old ASP.NET or worse still, oldie-von-moldie ASP – Rob does a pretty good job of giving you the background details on all those things that Rails developers use that you probably didn’t – XCode, Homebrew, Git, gems, bundles and so on.

Once you’ve followed Rob’s steps, all you’ll need to truly be a Rails-on-a-Mac developer is a fauxhawk and perhaps a fixie. I’ll refer you to my hipster stereotype coworker Edward for those subjects:

Photo of Edward Ocampo-Gooding in a Canada Goose parka, wearing a scarf, smoking a pipe and with an Xbox 360 achievement: "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Maximum hipster level reached"

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.

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so, erm, which link is to the rails dev env for microsofties? There are just too many on the article.

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