Featured Shopify App: Assistly

"Help is on the way" indicator on an elevator's control panel

If you go into certain elevators, you might notice an indicator on the panel that reads “Help is on the way”. In the event of an emergency, someone at the other end lights it up to let the passengers know that assistance is forthcoming.

Large Assistly "featured app" icon in the App Store

Assistly, one of the 100+ apps in the Shopify App Store adds a customer service help desk to your Shopify shop so that customers can easily reach you when they’re having problems, and so that you can reassure them that help is on the way. We had a Q & A session with the people behind Assistly about their app and we’re sharing their answers in this article.

What does Assistly do?

Assistly Logo

Assistly helps you deliver better customer service, which is critical to online retailing. It’s a free-to-start customer-service help desk that gives you everything you need to set up and deliver world-class customer service in minutes. With Assistly, customers can contact you through your website, email, Facebook, Twitter, phone and live chat and it’s all integrated for your team inside Assistly so no customer falls through the cracks. Start by installing Assistly through the Shopify app store and signing up for a free account. You can be wowing your customers in very short order.

What are the key features of your app?

  • We’re built for your social customer. Assistly brings in all your support requests and comments from traditional channels (email, chat, phone) and social channels (Facebook and Twitter) and collects them in a single, collaborative desktop where nothing falls through the cracks.

agent desktop

Pictured above: Assistly’s agent desktop.

  • We make you more productive — and faster. Our tools are user friendly, so you can take care of business efficiently and quickly.
  • Assistly comes with an out-of-the-box Help Center for your customers to find answers on their own. Add content as you grow, and watch your service requests drop.

help center

Pictured above: Assistly’s out-of-the-box Help Center.

  • We do the heavy lifting. Assistly is entirely “cloud-based,” which means that you don’t have any costly IT infrastructure. Everything is managed on our end.
  • We’re priced for small business. Assistly has fair and simple pricing (every account gets one FREE full-time seat!), and part-time “flex” users can participate for only $1 per hour of use. This means that if you only need one agent, Assistly will be entirely free for you. We are betting that great service will help you grow, and we will be there to support your success.

Why should shopowners use Assistly?

Today’s social customer expects to receive a high-touch and personal customer experience. Assistly turns customer service into Customer Wow. It coordinates all of the different ways your customers may try to reach you, and ensures every customer gets the service they deserve. Especially important for online retailers with a seasonal product line: Assistly is flexible, so you can easily and affordably add part time help, adjusting for your busiest seasons.

Assistly is designed for the online retailer who wants a quick and affordable way to provide spectacular customer service. Online retailers wear many hats and shouldn’t have to bother with complicated, expensive software that is hard to learn and difficult to use. Assistly is easy to use and affordable. Since time is your most valuable commodity, we make every product decision with your workflow in mind.

Tell us a little about yourself.

assistly siteAssistly, now a company, is a pioneer in the new world of instant customer-service help desk applications that can be set up in minutes. The application provides an all-in-one customer support system that turns customer service into Customer Wow.

Now even small and mid-sized companies can face massively complex support challenges. With Assistly, customers can request support from anywhere—website, email, phone, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook—and companies can deliver that support instantly, and in real time.

Here’s how you can get in touch with us:

How can I find out more about Assistly?

assistly icon

You can find out more about the Assistly app (as well as over 100 others) at the Shopify App Store.

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.

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