Ditch GoDaddy, Move Your Domains to Hover or an OpenSRS-Powered Registrar

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Full disclosure: I used to work as the Tech Evangelist for Tucows, a competitor of GoDaddy, creator of OpenSRS and Hover’s parent company.

There’ve been plenty of reasons not to use GoDaddy as your domain name registrar. From those cheesy “sex sells” ads to their constant upselling – domains aren’t really just their business; they’re just a loss leader they use to lure you in to sell you more expensive services – to happily letting people steal my friend Chris Coyier’s domain, they have long been the supreme douchenozzles of the domain industry.

Now there’s an even more important reason to ditch GoDaddy: they’re SOPA supporters. They’ve gone so far as to file a statement with the House of Representatives in support of SOPA. This isn’t just douchey; considering they’re a tech company whose livelihood relies on the internet, it’s just stupid. Do you want these douchey morons handling your domain names?

That’s why I support the idea put forth by a Reddit user named “selfprodigy”, who’s suggesting the creation of a “Move Your Domain Day”, which would happen on December 29th. On the day, you should move any domains you have registered with GoDaddy to some other registrar. I would suggest either Hover (use the coupon code “SOPA” for 10% off!)

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…or a domain name reseller who uses OpenSRS:


Whoever you go with as your new registrar, make sure they’re not using GoDaddy as a supplier of their domain name registration services.

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Personally I have stopped supporting GoDaddy since their douchebag owner started shooting elephants in Zimbabwe. So I am huge supporter of “Move your Domain Day”.

The worst costumer service i ever know, in several emails i detailed my problem and no one until you understood that an action from you was necessary, i used to work in a costumer service and i know that is normal for users to be lazy, in this time your people assumed that and didnt want to read all the information, im posting what i think of your services where possible.

I’ve check Hover and OpenSRS website. OpenSRS is a quite interesting domain provider. Maybe for the next period I’ll move my domain registration to OpenSRS.

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