Mobile Development News Roundup for Friday, May 11, 2012

At least 60% of iOS developers don’t even break even. That’s what the results from a survey taken by App Promo suggest, along with other observations shown in the infographic above. You can get the full survey in a free report titled The Necessity of Mobile App Marketing.

Here’s how an Israeli mobile developer sees the mobile world. Here’s Yosi Taguri chatting with Robert Scoble about iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone. The short version: iOS and Android are here to stay, and the others are circling the drain. The interview was recorded with an iPhone, of course, and you can use the player below to listen to it:

Mobile first, web maybe. Dylan Higgins, CEO of Kopo Kopo, talks about how Instagram, acquired recently by Facebook for a stunning 1 billion dollars, never had a web strategy and how it related to Kenya’s “mobile first, web maybe” model.

Mobile devices account for 10% of web traffic worldwide. According to StatCounter, about 8% of all US web traffic comes from mobile devices (phones, tablets and the like). That percentage is even higher elsewhere: 15% in Africa, and 18% in Asia.

Three-quarters of smartphone owners use location-based services. Pew Internet’s latest reports say that this is quite a jump up from a year ago, when it was 55%.

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