Mobile Developer News Roundup: Windows Phone 8 Launch, Windows 8 Dev Tutorials on Channel 9, “iOS 5 by Tutorials” Updated

The Windows 8 Launch Event

Windows Phone floating in the sky over some trees: "I Want to Believe"

The Windows Phone 8 launch takes place later today. At 1 p.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific), Microsoft will unveil the latest version of Windows Phone, whose SDK has been unavailable to most developers in a bid to “build up excitement”. You’ll be able to watch the stream of the event at the Windows Phone News Center, and TechHive, PC World, and Engadget will be live-blogging it.

Windows 8 Dev Tutorials on Channel 9

If you want to learn how to develop apps for Windows 8, take a look at Microsoft’s Channel 9. They’ve got “85 videos and 17 hours of free developer content”, with most of the tutorials covering Windows 8 development in both C# and JavaScript (that’s right, you can do Windows development in JavaScript now).

iOS 5 By Tutorials Updated

The excellent ebook iOS 5 by Tutorials has been updated for Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6. Created by the team at the indispensable iOS developer site, this book is for intermediate to advanced iOS developers who want to know about ARC, storyboards, iCloud, Game Center, Core Image, JSON parsing support, Twitter support, the APIs for the address book, location, calendar and more. It’s been updated to cover the new language features in Objective-C (which I talked about in an earlier article) as well as some new enhancements that came with iOS 6.

3 replies on “Mobile Developer News Roundup: Windows Phone 8 Launch, Windows 8 Dev Tutorials on Channel 9, “iOS 5 by Tutorials” Updated”

iOS 6 (I guess?) by Tutorials should be great. When learning new bits of iOS I have open up all the time. They cover such a broad array of topics and the tutorials are great whether you want to follow them from start to end, or just want to skim through and see the step by step of various tasks.

They do a good job of explaining abstract concepts too I find.

On WP8, I’m surprised (but not really) that it’s launching only a few days after the Surface launch.

I view the whole MS Platform launch as a developer preview right now, everything I’m seeing says it’s not really ready for primetime and they are “beta” testing a bunch of approaches, 3 keyboards, 2 versions of IE, 2 versions of Windows 8. It’s like nobody at MS can make decision and run with it…

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