“We’re Just Like Apple. You Can Buy Our Stuff Now.”

These ads for Asus’ suspiciously familiar-looking ultrabooks are plastered all over Toronto’s Bloor/Yonge subway station:

For all the aping of Apple’s MacBook/AirBook designs, it still doesn’t play the “See? We’re just like Apple!” card as hard as the Dell ad recently featured in Daring Fireball:

2 replies on ““We’re Just Like Apple. You Can Buy Our Stuff Now.””

This is such poor marketing no matter what they thought they were trying to achieve. You know they came up with strategic plan after they had already decided on just looking like Apple. The saddest part is that behind each one of these ads are teams of people who just don’t get it.

The amazing thing to me is just how far off they are from Apple. While the Asus’s notebook looks like Apple’s, that’s about it. They took Apple’s product design but kept their old messaging and pretty much ruined their chances. I say they should have gone with something along the lines of this being the future of Windows notebooks. It’s a tough sell I know, but at least Asus starts to show some values and character.

As far as the Dell ad goes, the whole ad highlights the product’s appearance. From the angle of the product, to the quote used just the look of the product is highlighted and not even the value having a hybrid. Talking about the value would be tough because when you do a hybrid like this you can’t make anything very good. The product may look like both, but probably isn’t as good as either.

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