Mobile Phones’ Effect on Photography

Neil Armstrong: Went to the moon, took 5 photos. Girl taking selfie: Went to the bathroom, took 37 photos.

There’s anything really wrong with using your personal technology to suit your needs, even if those needs are “selfies” (self-photographs, or as the folks on Tumblr say, GPOY — Gratuitious Photos Of Yourself). It is an interesting observation on how technology changes drive usage changes, what with the difference between bulky 1960s film cameras and today’s portable networked pocket computers that just happen to take photos. If Neil Armstrong had a modern day phone or camera and better than 50-50 odds of making it back to Earth alive (they asked William Safire to write a speech for President Nixon to use should the astronauts be stranded on the moon), he might’ve taken more pics. Probably would’ve shot some video, too.

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Not to mention that a typical cellphone has thousands of times more power than the guidance system on Apollo. A cellphone might have increased the 50-50 odds too.

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