“Dear MR. NOKIA!” (or: Microsoft’s Acquisition of Nokia as the Result of Nigerian “419”-style Spam)

stephen elop and 2 nokia phones

This Finnish blog post imagines Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia as having been started by a “Nigerian 419 scam” style email:


My name is STEPHEN ELOP. I am the son of the former PRESIDENT of MICROSOFT, Mr. BILL GATES III. I am contacting you because a mutual FRIEND suggested you as a person who is trustworthy and reliable.

As you probably know, MICROSOFT’s plans for world domination have recently been foiled by the evil APPLE corporation and their IPHONE invasion of the market. However, we still have the very valuable MS WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM in our possession. Unfortunately, we cannot get it out on a SMARTPHONE. This is why I am writing to YOU.

The OPERATING SYSTEM is worth one hundred billion dollars ($ USD). However, since it is tied to DESKTOP COMPUTERS, we cannot access any of that money. With your help we could transfer the OPERATING SYSTEM on a SMARTPHONE, and then we could share that money in the ration 50% to me, 40% to you and 10% for any expenses.

Read the rest here.

Found via Sandy Kemsley.