Reg Braithwaite’s “JavaScript Allongé” Now Free-as-in-Speech, Free-as-in-Coffee

reg braithwaite and javascript allonge

Reg Braithwaite and his book, JavaScript Allongé.

Reg Braithwaite’s book, JavaScript Allongé, which shows you how to make the most of JavaScript’s objects, functions, combinators, decorators, and quirks, is now free in both the copying and costs senses of the word. He’s put it under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence, which means you can share, remix, and even make commercial use of it. He’s also saved you twenty dollars and made it available for free, and you can read it online as well as get the Markdown source.

He writes:

The book is barely a blip on the publishing scene when we judge JavaScript Allongé against titles like “Get your dream job as a Web Developer in 21 Days!” Those kinds of books sell bythe container-load. But nevertheless, people read it and tell me that it levels them up, and AFAIC that is a success. And as a bonus, I got my dream job, and now it’s time for me to walk the freedom talk. I’m now working for a company that is trying its dambdest to help every single programmer on the planet write more software and better software. And we give something away, crossing our fingers that more software and better software will be a good thing and that we’ll make enough to keep doing what we do.

I believe in this. That’s why I write, and that’s why I work at GitHub. And you helped me get here.

If you want to take your JavaScript to the next level, JavaScript Allongé is the book for you. Reg does a lot of deep thinking about how to write better code, and there’s a lot of that thinking in his book. Do yourself a favour — especially since it’s free now — and read it!