Xtreme Labs Acquired by Pivotal

xtreme labs

Mark Xtreme Labs as yet another Toronto-based startup that got acquired. The California-based software company Pivotal bought them for $65 million, and Xtreme will remain in Canada as Pivotal Labs.

I first set foot in Xtreme Labs when I worked for Microsoft, in my role as Windows Phone Champ, and I was impressed. This was in their old space, falling distance from Toronto’s financial district, with about 150 or so people packed into two floors of an office building. They’re one of the few companies I’ve seen up close that do extreme programming by the book, from stand-up meetings to all pair programming, all the time, to continuous integration and build monitoring — all the stuff that people at XP meetups talk about but so few do. The developer bullpen on their lower floor was packed with young people, many still fresh from graduation, but all of them with smarts, ambition, and gusto. I’ve never seen even a hint of their being afraid to try new things or take on a challenge.

Congrats, Pivotal and Xtreme Labs!

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