“App Marketing Secrets Revealed”: A Great Book at a Great Price — and for a Limited Time, 40% Off!

app marketing secrets revealed

Your app may be a unique and special snowflake, but with about a million of them in each of the stores that matter, it’s a snowflake in the middle of a blizzard. Without a way for your potential customers to find out about your app, no matter how great or beautiful it is, it will never be found or bought.

Luckily for you, the app developer, there’s Harry Lucas’ handy ebook, App Marketing Secrets Revealed. In a breezy 56 pages that won’t waste your time, it lays out a series of steps that you can take to ensure that your app gets seen by people, and more importantly, purchased. As the book itself says in its preface, it will explain:

  • How to plan your marketing campaigns and figure out your ideal user,
  • How to create buzz and hype for your app prior and after the release,
  • How to optimize your app for the app store,
  • How to choose the right pricing strategy,
  • How to advertise after the launch of your app, and
  • How to overcome problems you may face along the way.

App Marketing Secrets Revealed has these chapters:

  1. The all-important question you need to ask yourself: Before you even start writing your app, never mind marketing it, you need to ask yourself this question.
  2. The planning process: How to set goals, the sorts of plans you should make, and identifying your target market.
  3. Pre-launch marketing: The importance of building buzz, and pre-launch strategies.
  4. App Store optimization: With so many apps in the Store, you’ll need to take some measures to make it more findable. This chapter  shows you how to make the most of the App Store’s features.
  5. Pricing strategies: How much should you charge…or should you charge? It also includes a discussion of discounts.
  6. Preparing for launch: How to get the word out about your app when it’s nearly done.
  7. Post-launch marketing: Once your app’s out, you still have to keep marketing it.
  8. Overcoming problems: Stuff happens; this shows you how to deal.

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Oh yeah — App Marketing Secrets Revealed may be written with iOS developers in mind, but after reading it, I can say that most of it is equally applicable no matter what mobile OS you’re developing for.


App Marketing Secrets Revealed is a great deal at a mere $5 for a lot of useful advice, but Harry Lucas got in touch with me with an offer for you, the Global Nerdy reader. If you use the code iphonedev when you check out, the price will be discounted 40%, meaning you’ll only pay $3. This deal won’t last forever, so you’ll want to get the book as soon as possible!