Mobile news roundup: Two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices, Lenovo’s playing mobile “Moneyball”, and Nokia’s new “We’re with Microsoft now” ad

Two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices

66 percent of emails on mobile

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According to marketing company Movable Ink, 66% of emails were opened either on a smartphone (47.2%) or tablet (18.5%), with the remaining 34% being opened on a traditional PC. Breaking down the numbers even further, Apple mobile device users make up the majority of email openers:

email platform breakdown

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They also noted that the opening of email on smartphones experiences a peak in the early morning, providing further evidence for the observation that the first thing many people reach for when they wake up is their smartphone. There’s also a noticeable peak in tablet-based email reading at night:

smartphone usage time

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The big take-away from Movable Ink’s observations is that you should assume that any email you send has 2-to-1 odds of being opened on a mobile device. That means you should make sure that any email you send, along with any landing pages that those emails point to, are mobile-friendly.

Lenovo: Playing mobile Moneyball


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Bloomberg Businessweek summarizes Lenovo’s approach succinctly: as “consumer electronics version of the Moneyball strategy: Instead of ballplayers, Lenovo hunts undervalued businesses in sectors others are desperate to escape.” Over the past ten years, they’ve been taking other tech manufacturers’ cast-offs — most notably IBM’s line of desktops and ThinkPads — rebranding them as their own, and turning them into profitable products. With the global PC market slowing down, and the mobile device market heating up, they purchased Motorola from Google for just under $3 billion and are looking to take on Apple and Samsung.

Nokia’s “History in the Making” ad

It has yet to be seen whether Microsoft’s absorbing Nokia will be a significant event in mobile history or a historical footnote, but the Rube Goldberg machine-themed ad commemorating the event is pretty noteworthy:

Brett Doar was the engineer behind the contraption in the ad; you may have seen his work in the ad for the girls’ engineering toy Goldieblox or indie rock band OK Go!’s video for their number This Too Shall Pass. Nokia have a blog post covering the making of this ad.

this article also appears in the GSG blog

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