Hey, Google fans: Want to annoy the Apple fanboys?

Since Global Nerdy’s been so Apple-heavy as of late, I thought I’d offer this to those of you who are heavy into the Google love. I do try to be multi-platform, after all…

meanwhile over at apple

Click the graphic to see the Apple-fan-baiting at full size.

5 replies on “Hey, Google fans: Want to annoy the Apple fanboys?”

Google is shooting at all directions but not a single one of their projects is a success in terms of revenue for the company. Android? Don’t make me laugh. Google profits 4 times more from iOS than it does from Android and Android revenue is less than 1% of total Google revenue. Google is an ad company, just that. Other projects are flops.

If you cherry-pick things like this you set up false equivalences, as if the effort of the trash icon is equal to that of Google’s accomplishments on the left. I think there should be more mutual respect on both sides. The competition between these two companies is ultimately a good thing, both propelling innovation to new heights in response to each other. Let’s get out of the mud and give credit where credit is due.

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