Case study: Saving a leading U.S. law firm over half a million dollars a year

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A preeminent U.S. law firm with over 1,000 employees and an inventory of over 2,000 mobile devices was facing a number of costly problems:

  • Hundreds of zero-use devices that were still being paid for
  • Unchecked fees arising from overages
  • Mixing of personal and business mobile expenses leading to accounting woes
  • Skyrocketing mobile costs that weren’t being measured or managed

The firm needed to bring their wireless devices and spending under control, and did so with GSG’s help. Using GSGCloud, we were able to perform an audit of their mobile assets, services, and costs, and set into motion a plan to bring them under control.

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Download our case study [1.1MB PDF] to find out how we brought them an annualized savings of $511,000 and complete visibility into their wireless spending and allocation of costs.

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