White paper: Is your wireless expense management company doing enough to save you money?

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With wireless carriers fighting tooth-and-nail for each other’s business, the growing usage of mobile data, and new technologies and service driving increased mobile usage, wireless has become a dynamic cost center. It’s also an extraordinarily difficult expense for businesses to control.

Vendor rate plans change with the wind, users are constantly adding or changing phones and device accessories, and what was initially an optimal plan for an individual or group of employees may no longer fit when usage patterns change. What’s more, errors are notoriously rampant in wireless billing, and even when rectified, they have a way of creeping back into invoices.

The majority of wireless expense management companies take a cut-and-dried approach to cost reduction. This generally involves a single invoice audit and optimization of a company’s wireless service plans, features and usage. When all goes smoothly, this process may produce an immediate savings of 10% – 15% of the company’s total spend. After that, the expense management firm bids their client “adieu” and pats itself on the back for a job well done.

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Just as it would be nice if you could wash the dishes only once, it would be great if wireless expense reduction could be addressed with a single invoice audit. As with the dishes, the reality is that cost reduction is something best done on a continual basis, while making adjustments as your situation changes. Up-front savings are nice, but the real payoff comes from an ongoing audit and optimization process that’s tightly synchronized with the evolution of your business.

Our president, Dan Hughes, has written a white paper that provides an overview of audit and optimization “best practices” that have proven to drive significant and long-term wireless expense reduction. Download and read it, and if your audit firm or wireless expense management firm isn’t following these practices, you’re undoubtedly missing out on the substantial savings that can come from analyzing your wireless spending.

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Download our white paper [2.1MB PDF] to learn about the audit checks, optimizations, and implementations that we perfom to help our customers maximize their telecom dollar.

this article also appears in the GSG blog

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