Case study: Helping a healthcare business make the switch to BYOD and operational efficiency

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Clinical laboratories today are experiencing the most financial pressure they’ve had to face in the past twenty-five years. Their line of work requires the use specialized equipment that’s only been getting more expensive. With hospitals making less for each inpatient and insurers are paying labs less for their work, the clinical lab industry is expected to face yearly cuts in budgets and revenue for the next few years while maintaining quality of service.

Our client, whom we’ll refer to as “The Client”, is a provider of clinical laboratory services used by doctors, hospitals, insurers, and other organizations that rely on lab results for diagnoses and decision-making. The Client was facing the following challenges:

  • They had no centralized view of their mobile communications spending, which amounted to $618,000 a month

  • They had no idea of how much money was being lost as a consequence of out-of-control voice and text usage

  • They were are incurring costs from excess operational resources used in trying to manage their mobile spending

The Client decided to make the the transition from corporate-liable to BYOD, moving their executives from company-owned mobile devices to using their personally-owned ones for work, to connect to corporate resources such as email, contacts, and calendar, and well as other online systems. Implementing a BYOD program was outside their IT department’s skill set, so they brought in GSG to help with the process.

With a BYOD program enabled through the GSGCloud platform, The Client was able to:

  • Achieve 19% in overall savings, translating to $188 in annualized savings per device
  • Rein in out-of-control mobile usage
  • Free up resources that were devoted to managing the excess spending brought about by out-of-control mobile usage
  • Develop and standardize a BYOD policy, and track and ensure compliance

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Download our case study [2.6MB PDF] to find out how we helped a healthcare business make the switch to BYOD and reduced their mobile expenses by $1.7 million a year.

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