Infographic: The next three years in mobile

The next three years in mobile preview

I recently listened to IDC’s FutureScape: Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Applications and Solutions 2015 Predictions webinar, taking copious notes along the way. While you should always take industry analyst predictions with an appropriately-sized grain of salt, these predictions seem to be based on observations that match patterns that I’ve seen across GSG’s customer base and in enterprises in general.

Starting next year, the next three years in mobile for the enterprise will see the more mobile apps with a stronger focus on “mobile first”, more spending on mobile, IT departments and internal development teams reorganizing themselves to adapt to an increasingly mobile computing world, and a need to manage the increased business and security risks that come with the territory.

We took what we felt were the most important take-aways from their webinar and turned them into an infographic, which we’ve posted below:

The next three years in mobile

Click the infographic to see it at full size.

this article also appears in the GSG blog

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