Drunk Tulsa roommates break beer bottles, stab each other in “iPhone vs. Android” debate

stabby scene

Tulsa-based KTUL’s news team reports that two roommates are in the hospital after a drunken “Which is better, iPhone or Android?” argument escalated into a fight with improvised knives.

Both men smashed their beer bottles action movie-style and stabbed each other. One of them even smashed his bottle on the back of the other’s head (which to my mind sounds like the kind of cheap move a “Fandroid” would pull*).

* I’m kidding, Android fans. I myself own a Moto G (2nd generation). Please don’t stab me.

Some thoughts I had after reading the article:

  • I always thought that smashing a bottle and using it as an improvised weapon was something that happened only in the movies and TV.
  • As a former Windows Phone evangelist, I can’t help but feel a sharp pang of jealousy. Windows Phone will never, ever engender this kind of stabby loyalty. I’d bet that even BlackBerry has a few fans who’d happily shank someone in defense of their phone. (I’m also reminded of this clever Windows Phone ad.)
  • love the last line of the news story: “Police did not respond when our photographer asked which phone is better.”

If you’re the kind of person whose identity is so tied up with a smartphone platform that you can’t have an argument about your favorite one without getting into a murderous brawl, you might want to invest in a case with an integrated blade, like the TaskOne G3, pictured below:

iphone knife case

Thanks to Ethan Henry for the find!