How to catch today’s WWDC keynote livestream and liveblogs

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Once again, it’s time for WWDC 2015, the 2015 edition of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, where software developers who write applications for iOS and Mac OS get together in San Francisco to find out what’s coming up for Apple’s platforms. While the conference itself runs for the entire week and is aimed generally at programmers, it kicks off with a very layperson-friendly, attention-grabbing keynote.

stability and bug fixes

Stability and bug fixes…get it?

If you’ve been using iOS 7 and 8 after having used iOS 6, you may have some concerns about the upcoming version. With each successive release, the operating system appears to have become a little less reliable, a little more buggy, a little less performant. It could be because Apple no longer has a raging perfectionist like Steve Jobs at the helm, but it could also be that a feature race is a natural outcome of the fact that the smartphone war is down to two superpowers. There will be some new features announced, but don’t expect something mind-blowing along the lines of a Steve Jobs-esque “one more thing…” announcement. Personally, I don’t mind that the both iOS and Android are slowing down and cleaning up what’s already been implemented instead of rushing forward to create the next new thing, and I think that many users feel the same.

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How to watch the WWDC 2015 keynote livestream

Want to see the livestream video of the WWDC keynote? You’ll need to watch it on an Apple platform:

  • On Apple desktop computers and laptops: You’ll need to run OS X 10.8.5 or later, and you can view it only on the Safari browser (Steve Jobs may no longer be with us, but his control-freakery lives on.). If you’ve got those, go here to see the livestream. 
  • On Apple phones and tablets: You’ll need an iOS device running iOS 6 or later, and if you do, go here to see the livestream.
  • On the Apple TV set-top box: There’ll be a dedicated channel for the livestream, and I’m sure if you turn it on, you’ll be told how to get to it.

Where to catch the WWDC 2015 keynote liveblogs

A number of sites will have their reporters in the WWDC keynote audience, liveblogging it as it happens. Unlike the video livestream, you’ll be able to catch these on any computing platform that supports web browsing:

this article also appears in the GSG blog

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