The five key phases of software development

This photo of someone’s answer to a computer science exam question has been making the rounds:

5 key phases of software development

Click the photo to see it at full size.

I have no idea if they’re still teaching the waterfall model of software development in universities these days, but judging from the exam question, I suspect the “correct” answer to the question was this:

waterfall phases

While psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief wasn’t the answer the professor was looking for, I’d have awarded the student a couple of points if I were marking the exam.

Consider these recent stats for major software projects:

On second thought, I think that student should get full marks for his/her answer.

Thanks to Peach Flambée for the find!

also appears in linkedin

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I learned the Waterfall model of development as it applies to military specifications for software, hardware, and firmware development. It’s not really a “method” when it comes to documentation. Rather, it’s a comprehensive set of individually numbered specification documents for the development of a product. Heaven forbid that your engineers discover a roadblock anywhere in the project: The entire set of docs has to be retconned right from the beginning.

By comparision, ISO is a joy.

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