A $30 – $50 off deal on the 4th-gen Apple TV from an apparently undead Radio Shack

Screen shot: RadioShack's page for their 32gb Apple TV special.

Click the screen shot to visit the page.

In case you missed the Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials on the 4th-generation Apple TV — that’s the one that runs apps and you can do development work on — there’s another sale going on right now. RadioShack (who apparently aren’t dead and have compressed their name into a single intra-capped word) are currently offering:

If you want to buy the Apple TV for app development…

usb-a to usb-c cable

If you plan on developing apps for the Apple TV, you should note that the Apple TV doesn’t come with a key piece of cabling: a USB-A male to USB-C male cable, which you need to deploy apps from your Mac (into which you plug the USB-A side of the cable) and the Apple TV (into which you plug the USB-C side). For reasons known only to Sir Jony Ive, they went with a USB-C port instead of a Lightning one.

They’re still hard to find at stores. Don’t add RadioShack’s $25 one to your order. Shop around online for deals like the one currently at GearBest, who are selling them for $3.