“Why can’t girls code?” hilariously sends up the sexist excuses for shooing girls and women away from tech

If you watch only one video today, make it Why Can’t Girls Code?, which provides all sorts of crazy reasons why girls (and eventually, woman) shouldn’t take up programming or anything tech-related, from this one…


…to this one…

auburn strands of mink

…to this one:

mood swings

As Margot Richaud, an alumna of Girls Who Code (the people behind the video) puts it:

“These videos may seem absurd, but sadly they’re not so off the mark. As a high school senior, I’ve had classmates and teachers tell me that coding is not for me, or that I’d be better off focusing on design and making something look ‘pretty’. These comments, plus the stereotypes that we see everyday of a coder as a nerdy guy in a hoodie, keep a lot of my friends from considering computer science as a career path. We need to change that and stop telling girls that coding is not for us. There is never be an excuse for a girl to not code.”

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