Learn Core Location at the Suncoast iOS Meetup this Thursday, July 28th!

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If you’re an iOS developer in the Tampa Bay area and looking for something to do this Thursday evening, you’ll want to check out the Suncoast iOS Meetup. This session is called Core Location In depth: Get your location even if your app gets killed!

Here’s the abstract for the meetup:

In this session, I will explain in depth how the iPhone gets your location and which APIs are available in the latest version of iOS.

  • Do you know that the iPhone combines three different radio signals to obtain your location?
  • Do you know how to track the location even when your app is not running?
  • Do you want to get an alert when the user arrives to one specific location?
  • Even if your app is killed or is not active?
  • Do you know how to debug your location code with the iOS simulator?

Come to the session and you’ll get the answers.

This session will be a presentation with some slides and some short demos with Xcode. No prior knowledge is necessary. Everyone is welcomed.

juan catalanSuncoast iOS Meetup is organized by Craig Clayton and Juan Catalan, both of whom write apps for a living. I’m going to catch this one, partly because it’s been too long since I last attended a Suncoast iOS Meetup, partly because I’ve never seen Juan present, and partly because I can’t answer “yes” with complete certainty to all the questions in the abstract.

This meetup will take place this Thursday, July 28th at 7:00 p.m. at Tampa Bay Wave, located in downtown Tampa (500 East Kennedy Boulevard, 3rd floor). Attendance is free, but you should register to attend!

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