Social media reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 warnings on flights


I’ve been seeings reports from friends on Facebook and Twitter of warnings about using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on flights.

Sutha Kamal, VP Technology Strategy for Technicolor, whom I know from DemoCamp Toronto, was on a KLM flight this morning. He posted on Facebook that one of the safety announcements was “It is strictly forbidden to turn on or charge your Samsung Galaxy 7 phone on this place”. I wonder how actively they had the flight crew looking for Galaxy Note 7s (and not Galaxy 7s, which don’t have the battery problem), what with everything else they have to do.

In response to Sutha’s post, Stuart MacDonald, principal at his Toronto-based consulting company said that Air Canada is doing gate checks for Galaxy Note 7s, and another friend of Sutha’s said that United did the same last Friday.

Farhan Thawar, formerly Mobile CTO and VP Engineering at Pivotal Labs, and currently co-founder of a startup in stealth mode, tweeted this:

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From there, I decided to search Twitter and found similar reports:

New York Times tech reporter Mike Isaac tweeted this:

Adobe’s principal graphic designer Khoi Vinh tweeted:…

and he blogged about it as well.

Brian Behlendorf, executive director at the Hyperledger Project, had this to say earlier today:

From Rajat Agrawal, BGR India and Mashable India editor:

Buzzfeed’s Anne Helen Petersen:

And there’s this gem from @Pelangihani:

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Khoi Vinh summed it up quite well in his blog entry:

Potentially embarrassing and even dangerous technological flaws are a fact of life for every hardware company—they may be extremely rare, but they are an ever present risk. What sets the best companies apart from others is their ability to respond in a way that preserves their brand and wins back the trust of customers. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine a worse situation for Samsung than having what amounts to a public service announcement before every flight advising customers not to use your product.