While I’m looking for work, can I make a custom iOS game for you? For FREE?

Last year, I released a free game in the App Store called Aspirations Winery’s Wine Crush, or Wine Crush for short. Here’s a short video (one minute and thirty seconds) showing it in action:

The quickest way I can describe it is “Like that candy game, but with wine!”. It’s a “match 3 or more of the same item” kind of game, where you advance by earning enough points to graduate to the next level.

Here are screenshots of the first four levels:

wine crush - first 4 levels

If you’d like to play Wine Crush, go ahead — it’s free, and available right now in the App Store!
download on the app store

I wrote Wine Crush for my friends at Aspirations Winery so that they’d have a promotional tool that most wineries don’t have: their very own branded game for the iPhone and iPad. The icons in the game are wine-related, the background images are taken directly from their own wine bottle labels, and the game presents the user with lots of information about the winery. I think that they like being able to say that they have their very own branded game.

My current contract will be winding down in a couple of weeks, and I’m looking for new opportunities.

I’ve been looking at different ways to get the word out about my availability, and one of my first ideas was to create a version of Wine Crush with my own personal branding, icons and backgrounds that represented me and the kind of work I do, bundled with additional information about myself, including a resume and even a way to contact me directly from the app.

It then occurred to me that it might be more interesting if I also offered to make branded versions of the game for other people or organizations, with icons, music, background graphics, and additional information that suited them. So that’s what I’m doing — for no charge at all — for a limited number of people, for a limited time. All I ask in return is that that the app be made available for free on the App Store, with my name listed as the developer.

Would you like your own “Candy Crush”-style app, either for yourself or your organization? Are you an artist who wants a videogame platform to show off your art skills? Or would you rather simply talk to someone capable of putting together such a game who also has great communications skills and unusual promotional ideas, just to see what he can do for you? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, drop me a line at and let’s talk!

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