Harvest’s poignant tribute to Chris Cornell

I’m doing some contract work for a local mobile development shop who use Harvest as their time-tracking app (and it’s a nice one, too!). On days where you haven’t made any entries, Harvest fills the blank space with an aphorism or inspirational quote.

Currently, in honor of Chris Cornell, the quote is “One more time around might do it,” a lyric from one of Soundgarden’s best songs, The Day I Tried to Live:

This is cloud software’s way of pouring a 40 on the ground for fallen homies.
Click the screenshot to see it at full size.

After taking in that poignant moment — at Crazy Go Nuts University, I was a DJ at the engineering pub and a keyboard player in an alt-rock band, and Soundgarden figured heavily in both — I did what I was supposed to do: click New Entry, put on some Soundgarden, and get to work on coding. This software isn’t going to write itself.

Have a productive Friday, everyone!