A sneak preview of my experimental videogame résumé

I’m still looking for work, so I thought I’d show off my coding skills and improve on Robbie Leonardi’s high-concept interactive platform game-style resume by making a resume that was also an actual game. It’s still a work in progress, but I thought I’d show you a preview.

I used the Phaser game framework that I learned about this weekend and put together a quick, single-screen sample in a hour. The real version will show my entire résumé and be more extensive. If you’re viewing this page on a desktop or laptop computer (right now, it responds only to the arrow keys on a keyboard) you can try out the preview:


Use the ⬅️  and ➡️  keys to move and the ⬆️  key to jump.
This game currently works with desktop/laptop computers only;
mobile-friendly version coming soon!

More conventional ways to find out about me

I’m looking for my next great job! If you’re looking for someone with desktop, web, mobile, and IoT development skills who can also communicate to technical and non-technical audiences, or a marketer or evangelist who also has a technology background and can code, you should talk to me.