I’m presenting the ARKit workshop at RWDevCon 2018!

I’m a confirmed speaker at RWDevCon 2018, which takes place Thursday, April 5th through Saturday, April 7th, 2018 at the Westin Alexandria, just outside Washington, DC!

I’ll be doing a couple of sessions, one of which is a half-day workshop on one of the hottest new technologies that’ll come out with iOS 11: ARKit, the augmented reality framework for iPhone and iPad.

If you’re wondering what’s possible with ARKit, check out the futuristic battle scene on a table from the demo by Wingnut AR at the WWDC 2017 keynote:

If you want to see what indie developers have been able to do with beta versions of ARKit, check out this compilation:

I’m not yet at liberty to discuss exactly what I’ll be presenting, but I can say this: it will be mind-blowingly good, and you won’t want to miss it.

There will also be workshops on:

  • Machine Learning with CoreML and Vision, with Patrick Kwete and Audrey Tam
  • Practical Instruments, with Luke Parham
  • Swift Algorithms, with Kelvin Lau and Vincent Ngo

You can find out more about the RWDevCon workshops in this article.

If you want to get in on some of this development action, follow this blog, and go register for RWDevCon 2018!

Early bird conference registration is $899, but if you really want to dive deep into AR and catch my workshop, early bird conference + workshops registration is $1,399.

RWDevCon is a conference where all the sessions are developer tutorials. It’s organized by the fine people at:

RWDevCon is a smaller conference with a few hundred attendees, but those attendees are part of the dedicated, tightly-knit community that frequents The focus on tutorials means that if you’re a developer looking to boost your iOS development skills, you’ll get a lot of bang for your conference buck:

The size of the conference, coupled with the nature of the community, means that you won’t just be another face in the crowd, and you’ll make friends and connections at this conference — those of you who were at the early RailsConf conferences in Chicago and Portland, or the Toronto conference RubyFringe and FutureRuby, or the GIANT conferences will know what I’m talking about.

I’m also told that they throw a good party:

In addition to tutorials, RWDevCon features a number of “inspiration talks”. Here’s one from RWDevCon 2017 — I’m an Idiot, by Rich Turton, in which he talks about how to leverage your inner idiot to make you a better coder, writer and communicator:

I’m looking forward to this event!

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