The most satisfying explanation of blockchains that I’ve ever seen

…is the one given by Anders Brownworth, the Chief Evangelist at Circle and co-host of the podcast The Critical Path with Horace “asymco” Dediu. In the space of 17 minutes and 50 seconds, his explainer video (shown below), walks you through hashes, which get used in blocks, which are assembled into a blockchain, which is then distributed, after which he talks about tokens and coinbases.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a programmer to “get” it. You’ll need to be able to wrap your head around an abstract concept or two, but that’s about it. If you feel comfy navigating your way around a spreadsheet, Brownworth’s video will have you understanding the general inner workings of cryptocurrencies over your lunch break:

You can even play with the demonstrations that Brownworth uses in the video — they’re all on his site, and he’s even posted the code to GitHub!

Once you’ve watched the video above, you should watch his latest one, in which he explains public and private keys, how they’re used to electronically “sign” data, and how they fit with blockchains:


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Fantastic explanation on blockchains, really helped me to begin to understand the concepts! Thanks for sharing Joey.

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