Tampa iOS Meetup returns September 25, 2018

There WON’T be a Tampa iOS Meetup this coming Tuesday, June 26 — and there won’t be one in July or August either. Tampa iOS Meetup will return on Tuesday, September 25.

Things have become quite busy at work, and as a result, I have work and family events that take place at the same time as the usual Tampa iOS Meetup times for the next few months.

It may have looked like there were supposed to be meetups in June, July, or August, but that’s because likes to get ahead of itself. Once you start holding meetups at regular intervals (like Tampa iOS Meetup normally does, on the last Tuesday of the month), tries to help by automatically scheduling meetups on those dates into the foreseeable future. Sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.

I’ll still be around! If you have any questions, or want to talk about iOS, programming, or life in general, you can always reach me at

See you on Tuesday, September 25!

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