This Wednesday: “Modern Features for Javascript: Foundations of ECMAScript (ES6+)” at Suncoast Developers Guild

It’s 2019, and if you’re writing code in JavaScript/ECMAScript, you should be doing it in ES6 (a.k.a. ES2015) at the very least.

After all, ES6 was released back in June 2015 — long enough ago that back then, I was still explaining to some friends and family what “Uber” was. Since then, we’ve had ES7 (a.k.a. ES2016), ES8 (a.k.a. ES2017), and ES9 (a.k.a. ES2019), with each iteration adding new features to increase the power and expressiveness of the language. If you’re not availing yourself of these new versions and their features, you might be limiting or even hindering yourself. If you write code in JavaScript, you should at least be aware of modern JavaScript/ECMAScript features and how to use them!

Tampa Bay JavaScript/ECMAScript developers have an opportunity to get up to speed this Wednesday, May 8 at 6:00 p.m. at Suncoast Developers Guild in St. Pete. The Women Who Code Tampa meetup are holding their meetup then, and the topic will be Modern Features for Javascript: Foundations of ECMAScript (ES6+).

Here’s their description of the meetup:

Build upon your pre-existing knowledge of JavaScript by adding modern features to your projects. In this talk, we’ll cover arrow functions, template literals, spread operators, and plenty of other things you’ve seen floating around in others’ repos. It is recommended for you to have a basic understanding of JavaScript for this talk, but all are welcome to come learn!

Local designer-turned-front end developer Taylor Cox will be presenting. I had the privilege of meeting Taylor through the Hospitality Hackathon that Sourcetoad held in 2017; hers was the team that won the event.

If you want to level up your JavaScript/ECMAScript skills and you can get to St. Pete, don’t miss this!

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