Tential Tuesday happens tonight!

Here’s an accordion number to promote Tential Tuesday, the data/development pro gathering run by my friends at Tential’s Tampa office. I played it last Saturday at BarCamp Tampa Bay 2019 to promote tonight’s Tential Tuesday event:

Tonight’s Tential Tuesday event takes place at Valpak (1 Valpak Ave. N) at 6:00 p.m. and features Microsoft’s Buck Woody, Applied Data Scientist at Microsoft, whose talk is titled Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning for the Data Professional. Here’s the abstract:

Whether you set up and operate data processing systems or write programs that use them, modern databases like Microsoft’s SQL Server have facilities to work with Machine Learning constructs. In this session, Buck Woody – a Data Scientist from Microsoft Engineering – will explain Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, all with examples from the SQL Server Platform. You’ll see practical examples of ML, AI and DL, right within the SQL Server platform, and get resources to learn more and try out the examples on your own.

If you’re a techie in the Tampa Bay area, Tential Tuesdays are important. They’re one of the up-and-coming local networking events, and they’re organized by the hardest-working tech staffing company in the Bay. They’ve been making their presence known at events of all sizes, from five people to five hundred, and they’ve been connecting people to opportunities like no one else in the area. They’re my go-to people, and if you’re a techie in Tampa Bay, they should be yours too.

For more details about tonight’s Tential Tuesday, see the Meetup page for tonight’s event.

This is not a post sponsored by Tential — they don’t even know that I’m writing this. I’m just a fan, and their events are good.

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