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ArnoldC: A programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie one-liners

Do you like programming? Do you like Arnold Schwarzenegger movies? If so, ArnoldC is the programming language for you!

ArnoldC will never make the TIOBE list, but then again, no other programming language is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie one-liners! Better still, there’s an ArnoldC syntax highlighting package for Sublime.

Here’s “Hello, World!” in ArnoldC:

TALK TO THE HAND "hello world"

It compiles down to Java bytecode. Running the program above is as simple as saving it as hello.arnoldc and entering the following on the command line:

java -jar ArnoldC.jar hello.arnoldc
java hello

Find out more about ArnoldC on its GitHub page, and once you’ve been impressed, download it, start coding, and GET TO DA CHOPPA!

Since we’re on the topic of Arnie, enjoy this video: