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Thinkful Tampa’s webinars for the week of Monday, March 16th

If you’re following the recommended practice of social distancing as part of a civic-minded attempt to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and buy some much-needed time for our healthcare system, I salute you with a filet mignon on a flaming sword!

However, you may find yourself jonesing for a meetup. You might want to check out the webinars put on by the online coding school Thinkful, who have several webinars on current software development topics every week. If you want a session on JavaScript or Python fundamentals, want to know more about data science, or are thinking about getting into product management or UI/UX design, these might be what you’re looking for. I’ve losted this week’s webinars below.

These webinars are all free, and they’re there to help entice you into enrolling in one of Thinkful’s full courses. They generally place well in “best coding bootcamp” lists, but you might want to take those with a grain of salt.

I’ll probably check out the Intro to JavaScript: Build a Virtual Pet webinar on Thursday evening; I’d like to see what approach they take. Let me know if you’re checking out any of their webinars!

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