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What’s happening in the Tampa Bay tech/entrepreneur/nerd scene (Week of Monday, March 23, 2020)

Hello, Tampa Bay techie, entrepreneur, and nerd friends! I hope that you’re safe, symptom-free, and social distancing!

Pictured above is my front porch, where I’ve decided to take advantage of the current good weather, comfortable temperatures, and Seminole Heights views. Lilypad, my place of work, has been really good about giving people the choice of working remotely for the past couple of weeks, and in the past few days, they’ve told everyone to work from home.

This will probably be the first of a few weeks’ of very interesting, very different weekly lists. I’m going to include only online/webinar/web-chat events in the list as my part in helping combat the spread of COVID-19.

This week’s online events

Monday, March 23

Tuesday, March 24

Wednesday, March 25

Thursday, March 26

Friday, March 27

Saturday, March 28

Sunday, March 29

(No events listed)

Additional news

A “stay at home” order this week?

Mayor Jane Castor has told WTSP 10 News that it was extremely likely that a “stay at home” order for all of Hillsborough County will be issued this week — and from the look of things, it will happen early this week. Earlier this weekend, she said that she expected that a state- or area-wide “stay at home” order would go out, and failing that, the Hillsborough Emergency Policy Group will discuss issuing a local order during a meeting Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m..

Simply put: Expect a Hillsborough County “stay at home” order as early as Monday afternoon and plan accordingly. The order would still allow essential trips, such as going to the grocery store, solitary exercise, or even to “get fresh air”, as long as you maintained a safe distance from other people. Non-essential trips would not be allowed.

Got an online event?

Expect lots of last-minute online events to happen for the next little while. If you’ve got one that you’d like announced on the mailing list and on, let me know!

Want to participate in a COVID-19-related software project, or start one? is an online listing of COVID-19-related projects looking for talent, including remote software talent. If you’ve got the time and the skill, you might want to find a project and lend a hand, or start one yourself.


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