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The final lap of UC Baseline: Python!

For the past four weeks, I’ve been spending over eight hours a day in a classroom in Ybor City, as a student in the inaugural cohort of UC Baseline, the cybersecurity training program offered by Tampa Bay’s security guild, The Undercroft.

We’ve taken the following courses under the tutelage of these instructors:

Course Instructor
Hardware 101
(5 days)
Networking 101
(5 days)
Linux 101
(3 days)
Windows 101
(2 days)
Infosec 101
(5 days)

There’s just one course left in the program: Python 101, which starts today! Considering that I’ve just come from teaching a Python course to beginners, I suspect that the instructors will have me:

  • Help instruct my fellow students,
  • Take on some harder Python programming assignments, or
  • Both (I suspect that this will be the case).

The Python 101 course will run from Monday to Wednesday. After that comes…

…the virtual job fair. The Undercroft will set up online interviews between UC Baseline students/Undercroft guild members and representatives from Tampa Bay security and security-adjacent companies looking to hire. I see some resume editing and LinkedIn profile polishing in my near future.

Friday will be devoted to graduation rituals, which include a solo Capture the Flag competition and a grad barbecue (socially distanced, of course — they’ve got a nice courtyard).

I’m looking forward to the week!