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Catch FTW Conf today!

FTW Conf logoIt’s International Women’s Day! If you’re reading this blog, you’re either in tech or aspire to be, and you should attend the free online community mini-conference called FTW Conf! FTW Conf starts at 11:15 EST (16:15 UTC) and you can catch it online at

The Tracks

FTWConf will feature these tracks:

  • Security: Threat modelling, trust and how you can get into security yourself. Bring your questions — there’ll be ample time for Q&A with the speakers and hosts!
  • Transparency in tech: If you’re interested in technologies gathering personal information, accountability and trust, then you shouldn’t miss the Transparency in Tech panel discussion about how to change the way transparency is built into technology.
  • Career: Feeling nervous about approaching a salary negotiation or promotion discussion with your boss? Keen to find a mentor but unsure where to begin? Wonder how you can best bounce back and build resilience in an ever-challenging world? Applying to jobs and receiving zero response? Join the Career track as we explore real experiences, practical advice, and guidance from inspiring women in the industry on these important topics. There’s an open Q&A that will help you take your career to the next level!
  • Creative: All work and no play makes anyone dull. During the pandemic we’ve all picked up new hobbies, adopted new habits. In the Creative track, we won’t be talking sourdough bread, but we will explore more brainy creative outlets, like LEGO, sketch noting, and… knitting.
  • Main: Inspiring stories, discussions about diverse topics, and where they’ll wrap up the conference with a panel featuring speakers from the other tracks.

FTW Conf speakers from Auth0

I have a number of Auth0 co-workers at FTW Conf:

Annybell Villaroel

Annybell Villaroel, Security Culture Manager at Auth0, will speak at 12:30 p.m. EST in a session titled Trust: From Zero to Hero. She’ll talk about Security Culture, what trust is, and how to extend and inspire trust. We’ll follow almost exactly the same method that FBI hostage negotiators use on their day today. It doesn’t get more battle-tested than that!

Eva Sarafinaou, Senior Security Engineer at Auth0, will speak at 1:00 p.m. EST in a session titled Threat Modeling in the “Shift Security Left” era. “Shifting security left” means prioritizing security earlier in the development timeline. Doing this means that vulnerabilities are found early on in the process, making it easier and more cost effective to fix them. How can Threat Modeling become an integral part of your organization’s shift security left strategy? How can you, the developer, design secure software? Learn what is Threat Modeling and how to apply Threat Modeling techniques in each stage of the software development lifecycle. Start thinking like an attacker!

Ana Cidre is a Developer Advocate at Auth0, the founder of ngSpain and GalsTech. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in International Business Economics and Management, so she is not your usual software developer. She’s a big fan of Web Components and Angular. As a very active member of the community, she regularly organises meetups and conferences, like the amazing ngSpain. Ana is based in Spain, where she’s the founder of GalsTech, a group for women in tech from Galicia. Because she is so passionate about diversity, she is also a Women Techmaker Ambassador.

James Quick is a developer, speaker, and teacher with a passion for Web Development. He is a Developer Advocate at Auth0 and has over 7 years of experience in Advocacy and Software Development. In his spare time, he runs a YouTube channel, plays co-ed soccer with his wife, spends time with his dogs, and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.

Sam Bellen is a Senior Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0 and a Google Developer Expert. After office hours, he likes to play around with the web-audio API, and other “exotic” browser API’s. One of his side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript. When he’s not behind a computer, you’ll find him playing the guitar, having a beer at a concert, or trying to snap the next perfect picture.

Catch FTW Conf today! It’s free, it’s online, and it’s a great way to learn and celebrate International WOmen’s Day!


Career Tampa Bay

What’s happening in the Tampa Bay tech/entrepreneur/nerd scene (Week of Monday, March 8, 2021)

Welcome to the second week of March! Here’s your list of tech, entrepreneur, and nerd events for Tampa Bay and surrounding areas for the week of Monday, March 8 through Sunday, March 14, 2020.

This is a weekly service from Tampa Bay’s tech blog, Global Nerdy! For the past four years, I’ve been compiling a list of tech, entrepreneur, and nerd events happening in Tampa Bat and surrounding areas. There’s a lot going on in our scene here in “The Other Bay Area, on the Other West Coast”!

By “Tampa Bay and surrounding areas”, this list covers events that originate or are aimed at the area within 100 miles of the Port of Tampa. At the very least, that includes the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, but as far north as Ocala, as far south as Fort Myers, and includes Orlando and its surrounding cities.

For the time being, I’m restricting this list to online events. We’re still deep in a pandemic, and the way out is to stop the spread, however we can. In the age of broadband internet, smartphones, and social media, it’s not that hard. Stay home, stay safe, stay connected, and #MakeItTampaBay!

Monday, March 8

Tuesday, March 9

Wednesday, March 10

Thursday, March 11

Friday, March 12

Saturday, March 13

Sunday, March 14

Do you have any events or announcements that you’d like to see on this list?

Let me know at!

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Hardware What I’m Up To

New life for an old Raspberry Pi with a 3.5″ touchscreen

Since getting my Raspberry Pi 4 as part of the cybersecurity course I took last summer, I haven’t done any work with my older Raspberry Pi 3, which is still a decent computer, especially considering its size and price.

That all changed when I finally unboxed my Kuman 3.5″ LCD display, (a steal at $20) which my in-laws gave to me for Christmas (they went through my Amazon wishlist for gift ideas). They had no idea what it was, but figured I’d like it, which I do!

Tap to view at full size.

With a 3.5″ diagonal and 480 by 320 resolution, this screen isn’t meant for reading web pages or PDFs or writing code, documents, or spreadsheets. It’s meant to be a display for an IoT project that doesn’t need to display a lot of information, such as a weather app, smart thermostat, or even low-res videogames.

Tap to view at full size.

The screen’s not just an output device, but an input device as well, since it’s touch-sensitive. Once you’ve installed the driver, the Pi treats the screen as if it were another mouse, treating taps as mouse clicks, and the location of your tap as mouse coordinates.

Tap to view at full size.

The screen plugs directly into the Pi’s GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output), a 40-pin connector located along the top edge of the board, which it uses for power. It’s also what physically holds the screen to the Raspberry Pi.

Tap to view at full size.

The video signal is fed to the screen through a U-shaped HDMI connector that connects the Raspberry Pi’s HDMI port to the screen’s HDMI port.

Tap to view at full size.

I’ll post the results of my noodling with this new Raspberry Pi/screen combo here on Global Nerdy. It should be interesting!

Tap to view at full size.