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Tonight @ St. Pete .NET Meetup: “Get Git in 45 minutes with Jesse Liberty”

Want to make sure that you really understand Git and all its workings? Want to learn from someone who really knows their stuff? Then join tonight’s St. Pete .NET Meetup virtual session with Jesse Liberty, who’ll start with the basics, but ramp up to cover advanced topics such as rebasing, interactive rebasing, and bisect (which is for finding the commit that broke your code).

When I needed to brush up on my C++ during the dot-com boom, I had Stroustrup’s book, but it was this Jesse Liberty C++ book that was my true guide…

…and when I got a developer relations job at Microsoft in late 2008 and had to relearn C# in a hurry, I turned to this Jesse Liberty book:

So along with his Microsoft and Xamarin MVP credentials, and his courses for Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, and Packt, there’s also my endorsement (for what it’s worth) that he can teach tricky tech topics in a way that makes it “stick”.

Catch Get Git in 45 minutes with Jesse Liberty ONLINE at St. Pete .NET Meetup, tonight at 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.!

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