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What’s on Tampa Bay’s sci/tech podcasts (November 2021 edition)

Once again, it’s time to list Tampa Bay podcasts that you, the Global Nerdy reader, might find informative, interesting, and illuminating!

In the last list, I listed the podcasts from longest-running to newest. This time, I’m listing them in order from most new podcasts. They are:

  1. Space and Things
  2. The 6 Figure Developer
  3. Thunder Nerds
  4. The Mike Dominick Show
  5. Friends That Code

And now, the podcasts…

Space and Things

Space and Things is the newest podcast on this list, and it’s about…well, you get three guesses. Just read its name.

Space and Things features two hosts:

  • Emily Carney: A veteran of the United States Navy, Carney became a freelance writer back in 2008 and started a blog called This Space Available, which is hosted by the National Space Society.In 2011, Carney founded a facebook group Space Hipsters, of which I am a member. Originally intended to be a place to share news and insights amongst friends, this community has now grown to close to 20,000 members including astronauts, engineers, scientists, historians and space flight enthusiasts from around the globe.
  • Dave Giles: Giles is a singer/songwriter from London, England who has always had a passion for space flight. Since his early years he’s been looking skyward and though he ended up wielding a guitar for a living, space exploration is alway on his mind and one of his most popular songs is about astronaut Gene Cernan, ‘The Last Man On The Moon’.In 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Giles visited all of the crewed space vehicles flown by NASA from Freedom 7 to the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

Here are Space and Things’ podcasts since the last time I did a roundup of Tampa Bay podcasts:

The 6 Figure Developer

At the time I’m writing this, The 6 Figure Developer — hosted by John CallawayClayton Hunt, and Jon Ash — has posted 217 episodes. It’s…

…a show dedicated to helping developers to grow their career. Topics include Test Driven Development, Clean Code, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, as well as the latest and greatest programming languages and concepts.

Here are The 6 Figure Developer’s podcasts since the last time I did a roundup of Tampa Bay podcasts:

  • Episode 217 – The Senior Mindset with Swizec Teller: Swizec is a software engineer, instructor, blogger, vlogger, conference speaker, and author. He has trained the engineering teams from multiple Fortune 500 companies on React, Redux, GraphQL, Serverless, and other modern web technologies.
  • Episode 216 – Visual Studio 2022 with Mads Kristensen: Mads is a principal program manager on the Visual Studio Team and has published over 150 free Visual Studio extensions. He blogs about anything related to Visual Studio and extensibility, and is a home automation enthusiasts.
  • Episode 215 – Rebuilding the Plane Mid-Air w/ David Merk: David is a Software Engineer, Mentor, Organizer, Volunteer, Speaker, Workshop Creator, and unabashed Career Changer, specializing in C# .NET, N-Tier and Microservice Architecture.
  • Episode 214 – Open Source Software with Tanner Linsley: Tanner builds open source software that is currently used by hundreds of thousands of developers at companies ranging from fortune 500 companies all the way down to startups and indie developers. He has a focus in JavaScript using React, Remote/Server State Management, Data Grids/Tables, Data Visualization, and Enterprise Application Architecture.
  • Episode 213 – Developer Best Practices with April Edwards: April is a senior cloud advocate for Microsoft specializing in application transformation and DevOps ways of working. Her focus is working on Microsoft Azure to take customers on a journey from legacy technology while enabling them to take full advantage of DevOps.
  • Episode 212 – Don’t Sacrifice Quality: While “quality” can be subjective, certainly there are items with which we can agree? • This is what Roy was saying • Clayton is weirdly zen • Azure DevOps Podcast with Jeffrey Palermo & Capers Jones missed requirements • When agreements have been broken, understand the constraints? • Team Agreements?
  • Episode 211 – Git for Programmers with Jesse Liberty: Jesse is a principal developer, specializing in web and mobile and has been programming in C# for 20 years. He is a Microsoft MVP, a Xamarin MVP, an author, and he creates on-line courses for Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Pakt. He is the author of 18 books, the latest of which is Git for programmers.
  • Episode 210 – Compiler API with Jason Bock: Jason Bock is a Developer Advocate at Rocket Mortgage and a Microsoft MVP (C#). He has over 25 years of experience. He is the author of several books including “.NET Development Using the Compiler API”. He is a leader of the Twin Cities Code Camp and holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University.
  • Episode 209 – Elastic Leadership with Roy Osherove: Roy Osherove has worked in the software industry for over 20 years, and has authored several books including “The Art of Unit Testing”. These days, he is working as a freelance consultant & trainer on-site for various companies across the world.
  • Episode 208 – Software Consultancy with Ryan Vice: Ryan has published programming and architecture books, been awarded Microsoft MVP and frequently talks at conferences and users groups. He started Vice Software 6 years ago and has grown to over 40 developers and continues to grow 50% year over year.
  • Episode 207 – Tech Debt vs Cruft: Today we are going to talk about tech debt. What it is and how to manage it.
  • Episode 206 – The Birth of RavenDB with Oren Eini: Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien is the founder of Hibernating Rhinos which develops RavenDB, a NoSQL open source & ACID document database.
  • Episode 205 – Polly with Bryan Hogan: Bryan is a Software architect, Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author, Podcaster, and Blogger. He has twenty years experience; focusing on development of web applications, micro services and desktop applications.
  • Episode 204 – Comet and .NET MAUI with James Clancey: James is a PM Architect at Microsoft. He joined Xamarin in 2011 and has been at Microsoft now for 5 years. He joins us to talk about Comet, .NET MAUI, and a little bit about Xamarin Forms.
  • Episode 203 – NuGet and TikTok with Jon Douglas: Jon is a technical product manager, YouTuber and podcaster. He enjoys exploring the systems, strategies and tools that help us live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Thunder Nerds

Of the podcasts in this roundup, Thunder Nerds — “A conversation with the people behind the technology, that love what they do… and do tech good” — has been around the longest, with 289 episodes to date. You’ve probably seen the hosts at local meetups and conferences; they’re Frederick Philip Von Weiss and Brian Hinton.

Auth0 logo

Thunder Nerds is sponsored by a company that’s near and dear to me, Auth0! That’s partly because they have a great authentication, authorization, and identity service, and partly because I work there in my role as a Senior Developer Advocate!

Here are Thunder Nerds’ podcasts since the last time I did a roundup of Tampa Bay podcasts:

  • 289 – ⚱️ The Digitization of Deathcare with Faisal Abid: In this episode, we talk with Faisal Abid: Speaker, Entrepreneur, Google Developer Expert, and co-founder of Eirene cremations. Eirene provides high-quality, affordable cremation services. Eirene allows families to plan an affordable cremation entirely online or over the phone. Leveraging technology to help provide a better funeral experience to families. Additionally, Faisal walks us through the unique business and technology challenges he faced at the beginning of Eirene.
  • 288 – ⚖️ Digital Ethics, Rights & Responsibilities with Ali Rizvi: In this episode, we talk with Ali Rizvi, Vice President of Product Management at Star2Star, a Sangoma company. We discuss digital ethics, rights & responsibilities of technology companies such as Facebook. There are many aspects to how these entities influence our political climate and unnaturally distort social behavior. Some of the social media algorithms are presented to make our lives better, but do they? Are these types of technologies a fundamental threat to the whole of humanity, or just misunderstood?
  • 287 – 🧠 Learning in Public with SWYX: In this episode, we talk with SWYX, author, speaker, podcaster, and learning in public evangelist. We dive into his career history in finance and how he transitioned into development. We also discuss the challenges of Developer Experience, the advantages of learning in public, and lessons learned from podcasting. Additionally, we get a musical performance from SWYX himself. Bonus: We have Software Engineer, Arit Amana as a guest co-host.
  • 286 – 🌩️ Effective Conflict Resolution with Joshua Mauldin: In this episode, we get to talk with design director and conflict resolution expert Joshua Mauldin. We discuss the most effective techniques for conflict resolution, how to establish trust, and employ empathy. Joshua explains when we should use a third-party mediator, start a conversation with safety checks and lead a talk with facts. Additionally, we dive into disaster recovery. The approach of creating a shared purpose in building alignment.
  • 285 – 🎯 Essential Marketing Strategies with David Portnowitz: In this episode, we get to talk with David Portnowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at Star2Star, a Sangoma company. We discuss Star2Star, their solutions, and how they’re providing services that address the challenges of our new normal. We also delve into Marketing in the 20s and leverage the lessons learned from 2020 to ready business for the future. Additionally, we evaluate the current marketing trends and hypothesize which opportunities hold the most value.
  • 284 – 2021 ❤️ Conf-amigues 4 Life: In this episode, we get to talk with Baskar Rao Dandlamudi, Santosh Hari, Super Di, Faisal Abid, Sivamuthu Kumar, Todd Libby, Vincent Tang, Tessa, Jared Rhodes, and Stacy Devino. It all began with a tweet; we should do a show where we connect with some of our best conference friends and have a virtual conference… So we did, check it out ❤️! We also discuss COVID: Going to events, work-life balance, and should/can we go back to the office.

The Mike Dominick Show

The Mike Dominick Show is hosted by Mike Dominick, the CEO and founder of The Mad Botter INC, and has an open source focus.

Here are the most the three most recent Mike Dominick Show podcasts:

Friends That Code

Friends That Code is hosted by Mike Traverso, whom locals may know from the Tampa Bay Google Developers Group meetup and other Google-y events. In this podcast, he showcases…

…some amazing people I know that just happen to write code for a living. Whether they started off intending to code or just happened into it, we get to hear about the types of people you’ll meet, things you’ll get to do, jobs you’ll have along the way, and advice from some awesome coders along the way!

Here are the most the three most recent Friends That Code podcasts:

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