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Okay, NOW do you want to figure out how to code “Wordle”?

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Wordle, that game that’s cause everyone to post their score tables all over social media…

…has been bought by the New York Times. For “an undisclosed price in the low-seven figures.”

Now I can’t promise that my upcoming Meetup will carve a direct path to your becoming a millionaire, but what it will do is help you sharpen those programming skills that could help you build career and financial security.

You may have memorized the bits and pieces of programming from your university, high school, boot camp, online class, or book. But there’s a difference between that knowledge and applying it to turn those bits and pieces into actual working programs.

That’s what my Meetup, Think Like a Coder!, is all about. In our next session — happening online on Tuesday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern — we’re going to figure out how to write the underlying game engine behind Wordle, including:

  • What goes into building Wordle?
  • How do you break down a problem like programming Wordle into smaller easier-to-handle problems?
  • How do you tell the player which letters are “right letter, right place,” “right letter, wrong place,” and “completely wrong letter”?

Here’s the fun part: I haven’t completely written a working Wordle program yet. That’s because we’re going to figure it out as a group, just like you’d have to figure out how to turn an idea for an application into that application, which is something you’ll have to do in a developer job.

If you’re looking to get into coding or sharpen your coding skills, you’ll want to catch this session. It’ll be beginner friendly, but there will be some challenges if you’re more experienced (basic scoring is simple, but Wordle scoring has some interesting challenges). Join us at “Think Like a Coder” and learn how to think like a coder!