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A $300 milk crate for road warriors?

Every now and again, Facebook shows me an ad that I feel compelled to click, simply because I can’t believe what I’m seeing and need to know more. The latest of these ads is for the product pictured above: the AutoExec AECRATE-15, which retails at Home Depot for…


More precisely, it retails for $296.93, which rounds up to $300, but to my mind, that seems pretty exorbitant for a milk crate with a power inverter and stands for a tablet and smartphone. The manufacturer doesn’t even attempt to hide this fact: it’s listed as “Milk Crate Vehicle and Mobile Office Work Station with Phone Mount, Tablet Mount and Power Inverter”.

I’ve designed and developed mobile apps who primary users are people that work in their cars and trucks, so I understand the usefulness of the AECRATE-15, with its ability to support and charge your electronic office equipment and store your paperwork.

Surely this is something that you could put together for considerably less than three “Benjamins”.

Bestek 300W Power Inverter
(Plugs into your car’s “cigarette lighter” outlet and provides two household-style electrical outlets and 2 USB electrical outlets)
$36 at
Phone mount for cars$10 – $30 at
iPad mount for cars$20 – $40 at
Juggernaut storage milk crate
(Assuming you don’t simply grab one from behind a convenience store, just like every university student building makeshift furnishings or any self-respecting DJ)
$26 for 2 at
Total$102 – $132

Still, if you have the money and feel that you need the factory-made version, you can pick it up at Home Depot. Enjoy!