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Tampa Devs this Wednesday: State machines, AI, and Stable Diffusion!

See that diagram above? That’s a state machine (or more specifically, a finite state machine), which is a model of a program’s behavior. This state machine describes the behavior of an enemy non-player character in a game. Each “box” in the diagram is a state (the status of the program) and each arrow connecting two states is a transition (a change from one state to another). The italicized text for each transition is an input (some change in conditions) that causes the transition to happen.

At Wednesday’s Tampa Devs meetup, which will take place at the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center in Ybor City at 6:00 p.m., David Khourshid, founder of will talk about state machines and AI.

David’s talk will be preceded by a talk titled The State of AI in 2023 — and wow, is it changing quickly!

You can attend in person, or via Zoom. The Zoom link for the event will be posted in the event’s Meetup page’s comments shortly before it starts.

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