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University of Tampa speaker series: Building an innovative sales playbook to grow your business with Sercan Topcu

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, April 6th) at 4:00 p.m., catch the latest in a great speaker series at the University of Tampa’s Lowth Entrepreneurship Center! The presentation will be Building an Innovative Sales Playbook To Grow Your Business, featuring Sercan Topcu.

Sercan is an award-winning marketer, seasoned sales developer, and Forbes 30 under 30 winner. He empowers sales teams worldwide with his love for data-driven development and engineering analytical solutions for big problems as the Head of Managed Services at InsideOut Lab, overseeing the PlayOps team. Sercan helps market leaders and innovators, including Fortune 500 organizations, leverage scientific methodology and behavioral sciences to enable their sales/marketing people and strategies.

His clients establish higher returns on effort with their business development strategies through Sales Play. A Sales Play is an outbound series of sales activities designed to turn a prospect into a genuine selling opportunity. 

Topcu is the head of managed services at InsideOut Lab. He oversees the PlayOps team, which helps clients establish higher return on effort with their business development strategies through a “sales play.” According to Topcu, “a sales play is an outbound series of sales activities, designed to turn a prospect into a genuine selling opportunity. “Think of it like a plan of attack, targeting prospective buyers in a direct, structured way, leveraging sales enablement resources, strategies, KPIs, tonality, buyer personas and ideal customer profiles. For inbound calls or buyer enquiries, we create Sales Motions. These are a perfectly balanced series of conversational activities, designed to increase inbound conversions and customer satisfaction rates for rich, memorable and engaging interactions. Our deliverables are established by consulting on: benchmarking; tech-stack utilization and automation; sales operations optimization; improved buyer engagement strategy development; improved call/email/social/video messaging and personalization; strategy and messaging performance; health checks; sales campaign installations to sales platforms; training teams on-site or virtually to increase their confidence in utilizing their new sales plays with target buyers.”

Sercan was the Co-founder of Tembo Education and responsible for developing, managing, and executing traditional and new-age marketing/branding strategies. He was in charge of email, content, affiliate marketing, and re-targeting. Recruit/manage the micro-entrepreneurs network and marketing team personnel. Tembo educates 0-6-year-old children worldwide via Harvard/Lego Foundation/Pearson-backed curriculum text messages. The 15-min activity is sent to parents each weekday via text message. Parents perform the activity with their children in their own homes. Parents answer a quiz to earn rewards for educating their children.

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The speaker series takes place at the University of Tampa Lowth Entrepreneurship Center (820 W North A St., 8th Floor, Tampa, FL).